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Currently Covering Archery & FFL Dealers Across MN, IA, and WI
Opening Nationwide in February 2020

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Social Media & Direct Sales Package

The Most Advanced Social Media Technology & Direct Sales Platforms

$795 / mo

  • Month-to-month agreement. No long-term contract.
  • Digital Performance Guaranteed.
Package Includes:
  • Mobile Dynamic Brand Showcase (Your Store in Our Online Marketplace)
  • Brand Video Social Media Campaigns (New Every Month)
  • Monthly Detailed Reporting
  • NEW! Ridge Road Truck Routes in MN, WI, and IA. Learn more.
    • Direct Sales to Reputable Independent Retailers
    • Brand Representation
    • Outstanding Service
    • Keeping Your Best Products Available Daily to Reputable Independent Retailers
    • Works Seamlessly With Rep Groups and Distributors