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Established 2014, Ridge Road Outdoor Media and Sales delivers precision and power on two critical fronts for gun and archery associated brands!


We Create and Deliver Unrivaled Social Media Campaigns for Shooting and Outdoor Brands


We operate the largest on-staff consumer network ever — the Power Sharing Network — developed for promoting products for shooting and outdoor brands directly to targeted consumers. We now have staff in over 1,000 special interest groups on social media, collectively reaching over 12,692,896 consumers.

Our campaigns connect with targeted customers and drives them to a brand's website and/or their store in our marketplace.

Power Sharing Network

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Ridge Road Route Truck

Our Truck Delivers Brand Representation and Direct Sales to The Top Reputable Independent Pro Shop Retailers In a Territory Twice a Month.

Direct to Dealer Sales

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Delivering the best service, products, and profits to retail stores.

Ridge Road Truck Visit RidgeRoadTruck.com

3 ways dealers buy
  • Straight off the truck
  • Place an order which gets delivered in the next scheduled truck visit
  • Place an order which gets shipped conventionally via a common carrier

Learn more about the Ridge Road Route Truck.

Serving MN, WI, and IA

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Territories and truck routes open nationwide in February 2020. Limited space available, so get YOUR spot now on these trucks!

Ridge Road Route Track

Shouldn't Your Brand Be Connecting With As Many Targeted Customers As Possible? — Yes It Should!
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Social Media Marketing & Dealer Direct Sales Package

The Most Advanced Social Media Technology & Direct Sales Platforms

$795 / mo

  • Month-to-month agreement. No long-term contract.
  • Digital Performance Guaranteed.
Package Includes:
  • Brand Video Social Media Campaigns (New Every Month)
  • Monthly Detailed Reporting
  • NEW! Ridge Road Truck Routes in MN, WI, and IA. Learn more.
    • Direct Sales to Reputable Independent Retailers
    • Brand Representation
    • Outstanding Service
    • Keeping Your Best Products Available Daily to Reputable Independent Retailers
    • Works Seamlessly With Rep Groups and Distributors

What Our Customers Are Saying

Meet Our Team

Geoff Heppding
Geoff Heppding

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Owner

I have worked full time in the shooting and outdoor industry for over 28 years, and in those years I have worked successfully in manufacturing, technology, marketing, and sales. I bring my hybrid mix of talent, knowledge, and expertise to help and serve our participating brands. I have a passion for shooting and the outdoors. In my spare time I enjoy old square body Chevy's.

Kimberly Heppding
Kimberly Heppding

Human Resources / Co-Owner

I grew up on a small Wisconsin dairy farm with a strong family hunting heritage. I hold a Criminal Justice degree, and am a former Deputy Sheriff. I co-founded Ridge Road Outdoors with my husband Geoff, and assist in day-to-day business and administration duties.

Sam Resto
Sam Resto

Chief Technology Officer

With 10+ years of IT experience, I came to work with my team, creating hundreds of projects internally. To date, we have created over a million lines of the most meticulous code that powers some of the best marketplaces to date. Outside of IT, you will find me under the hood of a car wrenching away, or shooting anything that has a bullet and goes boom.

Durk Stark
Durk Stark

Director of Operations

I have over 25 years of experience in the outdoors industry, and I bring my experience and contacts to help our clients succeed! I lead the Power Sharing Network at Ridge Road Outdoor Media, the largest consumer influencer network in the shooting and outdoor industries online!

Jim Bzoskie
Jim Bzoskie

National Sales Manager

I coordinate and lead the Corporate Sales team, with focus on keeping our team connected and networking with shooting and outdoor brands. I am also the Corporate Sales agent for archery and big game hunting brands.

Power Sharing Network
Power Sharing Network

Online Consumer Influencers

Largest On-Staff Consumer Network Ever Developed for Promoting Products for Shooting and Outdoor Brands Directly To Targeted Consumers. We now have staff in over 1,000 special interest groups on social media, collectively reaching over 12,692,896 consumers.

Charlie Remington Heppding
Charlie Remington Heppding

Research & Development Specialist

Charlie, at 10 years old, has been with Ridge Road Outdoors for 10 years. He is an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman. Charlie tests and reviews our clients products and logs many hours combing through the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplaces.