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POMA "Pay Per View" Advertising is the NEW Smart and Efficient Digital Marketing for today's hunting, fishing, and shooting brands!


POMA "Pay Per View" Advertising

For the first time brands can advertise through the Professional Outdoor Media Association! POMA has the largest organized group of media-generating members in the entire hunting, fishing, and shooting space! Ridge Road Outdoors Digital Communication Network & Outdoor Marketplace has developed a "Pay Per View" advertising technology and partnered exclusively with POMA and its media memebers. POMA "Pay Per View" easily allows the media members that belong to POMA to place ads of participating brands in the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace into the content they are publishing in any digital mediums available.

About POMA

At POMA, we consider ourselves a resource bringing together hundreds of media – social, broadcast, print and online – with the corporations whose products and services make modern hunting, fishing and archery a dynamic and engaging experience.

Currently, POMA is made up of more than 300 media members and 100+ Corporate Partners (outdoor industry manufacturers, wildlife conservation associations, industry associations and service providers). You may review a list of current members online.

POMA's Mission: To foster excellence in communications at all levels, help members build their businesses, connect media and industry, promote fair and honest communication of the traditional outdoor sports and conservation stories, and mentor the next generation of traditional outdoor sports communicators.

The main reason corporations like yours join POMA is to connect to the influencers in the outdoor industry. You will have many opportunities, virtual and in-person, to bring your company’s products or services straight to the media who are broadcasting/writing to your customers every day. Additionally, POMA Corporate Partner membership benefits include...