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We have over 3,500 active firearm and archery dealers nationwide waiting for your product to come through their stores.

Do you have a dealer network you have to sell through or need to protect? Do you also want to sell online?

Now you can with Profit Lock from Ridge Road Outdoors!

The Profit Lock program from Ridge Road Outdoors is available for brands to use for their select products that must go through an authorized dealer network. Example: Firearms must go through a current FFL licensed dealer. A bow company may choose to sell online, but the bow must be picked up from one of their authorized dealers.

Our Profit Lock program guarantees a minimum of a 10% sales commission or more set by the manufacturer/brand to the pre-qualified dealer that receives the product for in store pickup.

Become a Preferred Gold Pin Dealer with Ridge Road Outdoors

Qualified dealers participating in our Profit Lock program can easily upgrade to a Gold Pin Dealer status in our dealer locator/store promoter in the four online Marketplaces offered from Ridge Road Outdoors. By filling out a simple form, Gold Pin status is easily achieved by offering an in store promotion at the time of pickup.

Here is how it works for Gold Pin Dealers, when a customer hovers over your location pin, your store location and your promotion are displayed to encourage a customer to choose your store for pickup of the online product they are ordering.

Something for every gun manufacturer/brand to understand

FFL Dealers are demanding gun brands get with this program!

It is time to quit cheating dealers out of their deserved profit and sticking them with only being able to collect a small fee for the 4473 background check! Profit Lock protects dealers!

Profit Lock is the best online sales program offered today for Firearm Brands, Firearm Distributors, FFL Dealers, Brand Authorized dealers, and Online Consumers.


Our 21 Day "No Hassle" return policy the best return policy in the industry

Our online customers shop with confidence with our 21 Day "No Hassle" return policy the best return policy in the industry for consumers, manufacturer/brands, and Profit Lock dealers!